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I'm dead, son. Other than that, do you mean?

Mounties always get their man

Sergeant Robert Fraser
30 March
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Name: Sergeant Robert Fraser (deceased)

Height: 6"2' (I may not look it but people tend to shrink in death). Appearance still matters even after one has passed on. In fact, I would say it matters more.

Family: My lovely wife, Caroline Pinsent. My son, Constable Benton Fraser and my daughter, Constable Maggie McKenzie. Oh, how I miss my visits.

Son, if you're listening, grandchildren. There's still time. Not much time, I grant you, but time there is. It's a shame Maggie turned out to be your sister but perhaps she happens to know other female members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who would be an equally agreeable match. You should have a word with her and see.

I was shot in April 1994. By some strange and unexplainable turn of events, I ended up in a kind of limbo. It had it's merits. I was able to call on my son from time to time and offer him advice. I'm certain that, with my thirty-four years on the force, my advice proved to be invaluable.

By another strange and unexplainable turn of events, I find myself with access to something called the internet. It's a wonderfully awkward piece of equipment I have to use and technology seems to have advanced well beyond my years. But not my capability. I can adapt. After all, I am a Mountie.


Name: Robert Fraser
Fandom: Due South
Sergeant Rober Fraser is a fictional character from the Canadian television series Due South, owned by Alliance Atlantis et al. This character's journal has been created for role playing. I intend to sign him up to a ficlet writing community soon but at the moment, time constraints make this a little difficult right now. I don't own Bob Fraser and am not affiliated with the lucky people who do own him. I am in no way affiliated with Gordon Pinsent, unfortunately. Bob Fraser is willing to RP so just holla.