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I'm dead, son. Other than that, do you mean?
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Date:2009-09-07 03:27

He's Never Gonna Pop the Question

At least not to you, in this lifetime

You're guy's not serious about marrying you

Sorry to break the bad news... but it's time to move on

Good news? There are plenty of marriage ready guys out there...

But you've got to be single to meet them!

Well, this is thoroughly disappointing. Pearls of wisdom, that's what I need. Say, does anybody know what I should do to get a more cheerful result? A new haircut perhaps?

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Date:2008-06-05 02:48
Subject:for sixwordstories
Mood: nostalgic

I knew a caribou like this.

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Date:2008-05-30 19:49
Mood: excited

Does anybody want to watch SATC?

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Date:2008-03-18 00:44
Subject:for sixwordstories

Don't worry, Yank!!

Marry him again.

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Date:2008-03-17 01:50
Subject:for sixwordstories
Mood: distressed

There is no "i" in crossword!

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Date:2007-11-20 23:52


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Date:2007-10-17 01:35
Mood: excited

I have a gift for you and the Yank!

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Date:2007-10-12 01:46
Subject:for sixwordstories

Maintain Your Manhood! (c)

New Fraser-family motto.

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Date:2007-10-12 00:10
Subject:The Other Mountie?!
Mood: shocked

LiveJournal Username
Wishes it was themin_a_chinashop
This Fun Quiz created by Amber at BlogQuiz.Net
Gemini Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Where does my new son-in-law fit into this?! Son, please don't tell me you've moved on to a Mountie instead? Not a Mountie! A male Mountie!

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Date:2007-08-15 21:49
Mood: amused

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Date:2007-06-26 23:18
Subject:I feel affronted
Mood: moody

Online Dating

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Date:2007-04-10 13:39

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Date:2007-04-03 20:41

I did this during my Life Drawing class on Friday. The Group of Six suggested sketching "live" people, as that would be most appropriate and I finally settled on a Fraser-family portrait! I'm quite proud of it, even if I do say so myself.

Find the Way!(c)

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Date:2007-04-03 18:50
Mood: flirty

Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Sex Appeal
In a survival situation, you:Fight, and enjoy it
Your hidden talent is:Discrimination
Your gift is:Fearlessness
In groups, you:Don't fit in
Your best quality is:Your compassion
Your weakness is:Your coldness

Well, I hardly think the weakness is my fault, although I do rather like my best quality. And Caroline certainly fulfills the Sex Appeal aspect of this meme. Still, it's not the most precise one I've done. I think "Who's Your Daddy?" proved to be more...accurate.

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Date:2007-03-31 21:34
Subject:Bob and his very own Yank
Mood: satisfied

[00:48] YenaJinn: TAXES?
[00:49] YenaJinn: ROFL
[00:52] holliWUD1888: yes!
[00:52] holliWUD1888: they could've celebrated over the VAT!
[00:52] YenaJinn: what TAXES?!
[00:52] holliWUD1888: fuel taxes....
[00:52] holliWUD1888: car tax...
[00:52] holliWUD1888: income tax...
[00:52] holliWUD1888: taxes!
[00:52] YenaJinn: but he's dead!!
[00:52] holliWUD1888: well.....not car tax but uh...dogsled tax
[00:53] holliWUD1888: so!?!?
[00:53] holliWUD1888: he likes to keep on top of these things!
[00:53] holliWUD1888: it's his birthday in 33 minutes
[00:53] holliWUD1888: in fact
[00:53] holliWUD1888: if he was in Germany, it'd already be his birthday!
Louis: Wtf? I'm not doing any taxes!
[00:53] YenaJinn: OMG it IS?
[00:53] YenaJinn: WHEEE!
[00:53] holliWUD1888: he demands to know where his card is!
[00:54] YenaJinn: Hey, Louis could drop by!
[00:54] YenaJinn: He's bored with afterlife anyway!
Bob: Well, you Yanks wouldn't, would you? You're irresponsible like that.
Louis: What fucking TAXES?! We're dead! There's nothing like taxes here!!
Louis: *rants*
Bob: *waving his gun* Hey, Yank. You'll do it, won't you?
Louis: Do what?
Bob: Stick a couple of rounds in the old goat's belly *waves gun some more* You're dead. They'd never catch you.
Louis: ... Are you on drugs? What the hell are you talking about?
Bob: *dismissively* Cream for my athlete's foot but that's another story.
Louis: *blinks* *looks stupid* ...
[00:58] holliWUD1888: (lol, Bob and Louis could haunt RayK at the same time!)
[00:58] YenaJinn: (LOL!)
[00:58] holliWUD1888: (maybe when they're camping!)
[00:58] YenaJinn: (ahahahaha!!)
Bob: He's weak. One good kick and he'll go down.
Louis: WHO'll go down?
[00:59] YenaJinn: (they're awesome... Louis gotta give him a present!!)
Bob: Gerard. The mangy cad who shot me! He's an old man! Poison his mashed potato! It'll go down easier, he won't even notice it.
[01:00] holliWUD1888: (yay! I love our ghosts!! :D) 
Louis: Why? Do it yourself!! Jeez!
Bob: I can't do it. They find him sprawled on his bed with a knife in his gut and they'll suspect me.
Louis: So what!! You're dead! Who cares!
Bob: So are you, Yank! You can get away with it. If I threw the rock at his head, they'd hunt me to the ends of the Earth.
[01:03] holliWUD1888: (lol, Bob can't seem to decide how to have him killed!! XD)
[01:03] YenaJinn: (yes!! it's so awesome!! XDD)
Louis: How would they do that if you're DEAD?! You're driving me crazy! What is this, hell? Didn't I score enough points on the "good guy" side?!
Bob: Oh, a Mountie always gets his man, son. *looks around* It's a bit too cold to be hell, don't you think?
Louis: OH REALLY!! *shivers like mad in flashy hawaiian shirt* 
Bob: I'll let you borrow my coat *twirls in his VERY WARM fur coat* if you take a chainsaw to his head.
Louis: ... *looks at coat* Okay. Got a chainsaw?
Bob: *beams* In my office!
Louis: Why the hell you got a CHAINSAW in your office?
Bob: *picks up twig* Chopping wood...sculpting...minor adjustments to the Consulate's front door
Louis: You're sculpting in your office?
Bob: Evening classes. *cute smile* You should join. *points at Louis's hands* You have nimble fingers. Very feminine.
[01:12] YenaJinn: (....... sorry. I'll answer when I caught my breath again.)
[01:12] holliWUD1888: (Lol!!!! XD)

Louis: *insert random Louis-rant about everyone and everything that ever bothered him right here and by the way he hates afterlife and snow and when does he get the fucking coat already!!*
[01:14] YenaJinn: (oh my god. Louis actually got a present for Bob...)
[01:16] holliWUD1888: do share...
Bob: Come sleep on my floor, Yank. I have a fire *entice entice*
Louis: FIRE!! *rushes in* *warms hands*
Bob: *tucks him in* Goodnight, Yank
Louis: Night... hey, whaddaya mean, FLOOR? You DO have a sleeping bag or something...?
*Bob snores (in his nice cosy bed)*
Louis: *grumble* *watches fire* *finally falls asleep on the floor*

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Date:2007-03-29 21:46
Mood: happy

Thank you, son.

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Date:2007-03-28 15:14
Subject:for sixwordstories
Mood: content

Bullit Bob Fraser. Good strong name.

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Date:2007-03-27 08:15
Subject:for ray__k

Bob has left Kowalski a small present, which he should find when he gets up on the morning of his birthday. Slap bang in the middle of the living room, there is now an aquarium.

A spacious tank. It's not too large, it's not too small, in fact it's just perfect...

...for two male seahorses!

One seahorse is yellow most of the time, although he has been known to change his colours and pattern depending upon his mood. The other, slightly larger one, switches from red to orange at a drop of a hat. Inside the tank, Bob has left a small Stetson covered in algae, sitting outside a miniature igloo, which belongs to the red seahorse.

Both have pouches but the yellow one has the biggest...

...because he's pregnant... 

On the outside of the tank, Bob has stuck a note:

Happy Birthday, Yank! Hopefully, this will provide you with the inspiration you're looking for!

Remember: BE THE MALE SEAHORSE!!! They found the way so you can too!! 

ooc: This isn't the present Bob will be sending to Kowalski before he visits. But it's his birthday, and unlike some people, *cough*Benton*cough*, ahem, Bob doesn't forget birthdays! Plus, he just couldn't resist...Enjoy! :D (
P.S. For all intents and purposes, seahorses are basically like normal fish so wouldn't need too much care!)

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Date:2007-03-10 20:57
Subject:Boys to the yard?
Mood: curious

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Date:2007-03-06 19:13
Subject:This seems like fun
Mood: curious

If there is at least one person on your friends list you would like to take, strip naked, tie them to a bed post, lick them until they scream, then fu- well, we never called it that when I was alive...them until both of you are senseless and unable to fu- is this word accepted universally nowadays? Like "funky" and "wassup" and..."blap?"  -anymore, then wait about five minutes and do it all over again, then post this exact sentence in YOUR journal.

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